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Megan Brown Constantin

Assistant General Manager, Host of Encore
  • There were creative booms in Acadiana following the 1980s Louisiana French and Creole Renaissance and Katrina and the ripple effect lingers still on the airwaves of KRVS. Judith Meriwether, Megan Constantin, Rachel Nederveld and Philippe Billeaudeaux remark on the explosion of talent. And now we're looking at you: the next next generation. What history will you make today? Sponsored by Lafayette Travel.
  • The 2000's brought KRVS into a new studio and promise of an exciting future. Learn more about it from interviews with Judith Meriwether, David Spizale, Cheryl Devall, and Mia Coultas. Sponsored by Lafayette Travel.
  • Thanks to its accessibility, radio has an incredibly diverse audience. Letters from our incarcerated listeners and words from the producers, Cecil Doyle and Tiff Lamson, who received them. Special thanks to Olatunde Soyombo. Sponsored by Lafayette Travel.
  • Herb Wiltz and Pete Bergeron created shows that preserve and promote their Louisiana native languages that have become programming tentpoles for the station. Sponsored by Lafayette Travel.
  • Lisa Richardson's programming in the 90's created a lot of the station's format you still know and love. Not to mention, Sonny Landreth's fan club... in Japan! In this episode we also hear from Judith Meriwether, Cecil Doyle, and David Spizale. Sponsored by Lafayette Travel.
  • JB and MC from Zydeco Est Pas Sale and past producer Lisa Richardson share how radio can be a powerful tool for healing when someone from our community passes. Sponsored by Lafayette Travel.
  • Medicine Ball Caravan is known for highlighting local bands alongside internationally known artists, and the in-studio performances are the icing on the cake. In this episode we hear from Cecil Doyle, Philippe Billeaudeaux, Aaron Thomas, and Karl Fontenot. Sponsored by Lafayette Travel.
  • Lots of legends came by KRVS in the 80's and lots of legends joined the station then too: Bobby Charles, Clifton Chenier, Raoul Breaux, and more! In this episode we hear from Raoul Breaux, Michael Doucet, Judith Meriwether, and Karl Fontenot. Sponsored by Lafayette Travel.
  • With 9/11 and then Hurricane Katrina, KRVS was able to pivot and bring listeners the coverage they needed. Sponsored by Lafayette Travel.
  • Who doesn't want a peak behind the scenes with JB and MC who have produced Zydeco Est Pas Sale together for a whopping 37 years! Sponsored by Lafayette Travel.