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Cypress Lake Circle


The KRVS Cypress Lake Circle

"KRVS... my favorite radio station!"--Nick SpitzerHost, American Routes 

Everyday we hear from listeners who let us know that KRVS contributes significantly to their overall quality of life. And every day listeners, by making contributions, make it all possible.

The most important and reliable funding KRVS receives as a public radio station comes from individual listeners. Thankfully, that simple fact encourages many to give. But it has also inspired some to give more and to be counted as Cypress Lake Circle members.

Cypress Lake Circle is made up of listeners whose passion for credible news and incredible music on KRVS inspires them to make major gifts totaling $1000 or more annually.

As a member of the Cypress Lake Circle, you help KRVS to produce and provide some of the best radio programming anywhere. Your support also gives you special benefits.

By becoming a member of Cypress Lake Circle, you recognize KRVS as a unique and important cultural asset in our community and partner with us generously to nurture it. If KRVS plays an important role in your life, join the Cypress Lake Circle today with an annual gift of $1000 or more. Thank you!

For more information about the KRVS Cypress Lake Circle, you may contact General Manager Cheryl Devall (337) 482-5787.

KRVS deeply appreciates the support of its current Cypress Lake Circle members.

Cypress Lake Circle Levels & Benefits
(Levels are plants or trees found in or around Cypress Lake)

Cypress Tree Level ($1000-$2,499)

  • Name recognition on the KRVS website
  • KRVS logo item bundle

Iris Level ($2,500-$4,999)
Iris level members enjoy all Cypress level benefits, plus:

  • An invitation to special KRVS events

Live Oak Level ($5,000 +)
Live Oak Level members enjoy all the above benefits, plus:

  • A private tour of the new KRVS studios for you and 3 guests