KRVS is located at

231 Hebrard Blvd.
Burke-Hawthorne Hall., room 145
Lafayette, LA 70503

Our mailing address is:
P.O Box 43595
Lafayette, LA 70504

We can be reached at :

Toll Free: 1-800-892-6827
Tel : (337) 482-KRVS (482-5787)

Fax : (337) 482-6101

Contact Us By Email:

Patrick Mould, Interim General Manager
patrick dot mould at louisiana dot edu

Karl Fontenot, Chief Engineer
kfontenot at krvs dot org

Judith Meriwether, Development Director
jmeriwether at krvs dot org

Kris Wotipka, Operations Manager
kwotipka at krvs dot org

Megan Brown Constantin, Director of Marketing
mbrown at krvs dot org

Cecil Doyle, Music Director
cdoyle at krvs dot org