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  • Stephanie Smallwood, one of Lafayette's first black female radio voices, tells us about DJ Names, breaking hits on her show "The Ebony Experience" and more during her time as a student in the late 70's and early 80's. Sponsored by Lafayette Travel.
  • For a young person, learning French is one thing, but figuring out how you can use it to build a career in Louisiana is another. KRVS' promotion of the French language not only creates jobs using that skill but influences French speakers to stay in Acadiana adding to the French-speaking, creative economy. In this episode, we hear from young professionals Matt Mick of CODOFIL and Drake Benoir LeBlanc of Télé-Louisiane. Sponsored by Lafayette Travel.
  • Encyclopedias of Louisiana's zydeco and creole music, John Broussard and Melvin Caesar presented on the music's origins at Vermilionville's Creole Culture Day on June 11, 2023.
  • Two local bands, Zach Edwards and The Medicine and The Debtors, team up to raise funds for their local public radio station with a benefit concert at Hideaway on Lee.
  • Talking transmitters may sound like a snooze... but Chief Engineer Karl Fontenot didn't add "snake handler" to his resume by sitting at his desk...Learn more with stories from Dave Spizale, Karl Fontenot, and Judith Meriwether. Sponsored by Lafayette Travel.
  • From a pirate station through the powerlines to FCC licensed — listen to how KRVS got its start and name with interviewees Teddy Vincent & David Spizale. Sponsored by Lafayette Travel.
  • Context for the area and the times surrounding the birth of Radio Acadie with interviewees Michael Doucet & Pete Bergeron. Sponsored by Lafayette Travel.
  • KRVS’s monthly concert series presented by the Dr. Tommy Comeaux Endowed Chair in Traditional Music located on the campus of the University of…