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Lake Charles Historic City Hall Exhibit: Robbie Austin's Memories are Uncertain Friends - Mar. 30 - May 27, 2023

Robbie Austin’s Memories are uncertain friends. features paintings on field book survey papers encased in bamboo frames, and will be open from March 30 through May 27 in the second floor gallery. Robbie Austin is a local artist who’s been active since the early 2000s. Robbie was born in Lake Charles, but was educated in Southern California at the California Institute of the Arts. Since Hurricane Laura in 2020, he has been experimenting with field book paper in his art, “I began working with field books after a hurricane blew my tree and treehouse onto a neighbor’s property, exposing a trove of material. She had boxes and boxes of these old books. I was enchanted. The paper is stormproof. It’s infused with resin and has an inherent object-ness.” The original code-like markings along with the irregular contours of the pages make for dynamic springboards of compositional play. Robbie takes advantage of these irregularities to create something truly unique.