FEMA To Make Manufactured Housing Units Available For Purchase To Flooded Homeowners

May 25, 2017

FEMA announced today that, at the request of the state, some flooded homeowners still living in a FEMA manufactured housing unit will have the option to purchase it. Wallis Watkins reports.

FEMA spokesman Kurt Pickering says the agency has sold MHUs to homeowners before, including after Hurricane Katrina. Homeowners who flooded in August can qualify to live in an MHU until February 2018. The state made the request because some homeowners may still need temporary housing beyond that deadline.

Those who qualify must have owned the home that was damaged in the August flood, and be unable to repair or rebuild it. "An applicant who has no other option is who we’re trying to make them available to," Pickering said.

About four thousand households are still living in these units as a result of the August flood. The cost will depend on a couple of factors, like the number of bedrooms and how long the family has been living there.

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