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Guidry's program is basically a request type show from call-ins and write-ins. He also does live interviews of musicians and on other French related topics. The main concept is to bring his audience the Cajun Music that would normally he heard if one was at a Sunday Afternoon Dance. Listeners can expect to hear recorded Cajun music from the very traditional roots musicians to the current popular progressive Cajun Music. Occasionally, you can hear live musical performances. You may also hear live phone interviews. You may also hear from musicians talking about their music. Nonc Jules has been doing this program since July 1983 and in these years, he has thoroughly enjoyed going into other people's home every Sunday Afternoon. He recently retired from the State of Louisiana on June 1998 with 35 years of experience. He worked 17 years in accounting at the University Medical Center and the last 17 years as the Accountant for the Development of French in Louisiana. He is married for the past 34 years to Mary Lou Guidry and has one married daughter Kimberly Ann Guidry. He has a Cajun Music Band called "Nonc Jules and the Lachez-Les". His wife plays the guitar and he plays the accordion every afternoon with the "Vermilion Ville House Band". He also has Merlin Fontenot playing the fiddle.