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Cecil Doyle

KRVS Music Director

Cecil Doyle has been a major architect of the KRVS sound for many years.  Cecil's masterful ability to craft textured, flowing, and often surprising musical offerings in his weekly programs is why his name first comes to mind when listeners talk about KRVS.  Whether he's interviewing artists from the latest local musical vibration in the Cypress Lake Studios on Medicine Ball Caravan, or guiding audiences on a musical tour of an intriguing and exotic locale on Earthbeat, Cecil Doyle lives for music, and it shows.  Cecil is South Louisiana's window into the world of Reggae on Jah Mon, when Sunday night's KRVS world tour makes a two-hour stop in Jamaica for an audio blast of the Rastafari experience. There's never a dull moment with Cecil Doyle on KRVS.

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