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Bayou to Beltway: January 30, 2019

Ms. Sarah Berthelot (Louisiana Association of United Ways) and Ms. Melanie Bronfin (Louisiana Policy Institute for Children) on Bayou to Beltway this week.

This week Bayou beltway speaks with two women deeply involved in the lives of those in Louisiana who live in the ALICE zone, that is who work but do not objectively make enough money to support themselves and their families without having to make tough choices about food, medicine, transportation, childcare and housing. ALICE stands for Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed. As the recently released ALICE report makes clear, 48 percent of Louisiana residents struggle below the ALICE minimum. Ms. Berthelot and Ms. Bronfin discuss the implications of this updated ALICE report for Louisiana. Ms. Bronfin, in particular, points out the implications of the ALICE report for child well-being in Louisiana, a state that currently ranks last in this category in the United States.