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Bayou to Beltway: October 14, 2020

Wednesday at 12:30 and Saturday at 5:30, Bayou to Beltway welcomes three guests who are changing the educational landscape in Acadiana. I’m joined by Dr. Anna Osland, Director of Workforce and Policy Initiatives at OneAcadiana, Mr. Todd Mouton executive director of the Pugh Foundation and Mr. Ryan Domengeuax Executive director of the William C. Schumacher Family Foundation. These able persons are the brains and initiative behind the Love our Schools Link and Learn initiative. An initiative that seeks to bring internet connectivity to every student in Acadiana. We discuss the origin of Link and Learn in the recognition that all student in Acadiana don’t have the technology they need to access education, particularly during a pandemic. We explore the short and long term goals of Link and Learn, focusing on outcomes both short and long-term. Listen in Wednesday at 12:30 and Saturday at 5:30 as Bayou to Beltway welcomes Anna Osland, Todd Mouton and Ryan Domengeaux to talk about Link to Learn, providing internet access to students in our area.