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Bayou to Beltway: October 23, 2019


Professor, author, columnist and commentator, Bob Mann Bayou to Beltway, 12:30 Wednesday (Oct 23) and 5:30 Saturday (Oct 26).

Author Bob Mann joins Bayou to Beltway this week promoting his new book on Ronald Reagan, titled Becoming Ronald Reagan: the Rise of a Conservative Icon. This fascinating new book chronicles the development of Reagan's political ideology, focusing particularly on the period when he worked as the public face of General Electric, hosting GE Television Theater and traveling around the country and speaking at GE plants and also to chambers of commerce and civic organizations. Professor Mann brings this largely unexplored history to light in a page-turning account that humanizes Reagan while providing insight into his motivations and predilections. Our conversation focuses on Reagan's development and migration from New Deal Democrat to conservative icon.

Please join this lively conversation with author Bob Mann, about his book: Becoming Ronald Reagan on Bayou to Beltway 12:30 Wednesday. Right after Out to Lunch.