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Out to Lunch: October 2, 2019


One of the unintended consequences of the cell-phone-fueled social media world that we now live in, is the history we are writing for ourselves. If you store your photos in the cloud, you’ll frequently get offered a chance to look at your photos from this day one year or 5 years ago. Facebook constantly shows us and our friends pictorial histories of our lives. Because we’re pretty much all connected to the world and to each other like this, we no longer need zeitgeist analysts like Rolling Stone magazine or Buzzfeed to explain trends to us. We can see for ourselves the trends that are happening around us.

Two of the signpost trends marking our current moment are the rise of CBD, and the pushback against social media - to try and get social media to work for us, rather than the other way around. Aileen Bennett's guests on this edition of Out to Lunch today are both part of the creation of these trends.

Kristy Hebert is co-founder and Operation Manager of Cypress Hemp. Cypress Hemp is a farm-to-consumer CBD and hemp company. Kristy and her partner farm cannabis. They process the plants to manufacture CBD health products. They also use the cannabis plants to manufacture hemp, with which they make a line of hemp-based sustainable clothing.

Andrew Bryson is CEO of MOZI. MOZI is a social media app that connects you with a group of your friends for a single specific purpose – interacting with them in the real world. You might think of the MOZI app as a kind of goal-directed group texting, that’s a two way street. You can tell a bunch of people where you’re going. And the places you’re going can tell you when would be a good time to come by – say, when they’re having food or drink specials. Or, a band you like can tell you and your friends when and where they’re playing. MOZI is available as an app for both iOS and Android devices.