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The Acadiana Symphony Orchestra Opens their 38th Season: Turning Points

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Turning Point (noun): a time at which a significant change occurs, affecting the future of people, places or things.

We’ve all experienced turning points – moments of distinct change, for better or for worse, which impact us either personally or collectively. Turning points are marked by a dramatic shift away from what was, to what is, and can affect everything from cultural norms, politics, and economics, to entertainment, technology, and individually-lived experiences. The possibilities for change are endless, and the cycle is constant. ASO’s 38th Season, titled Turning Points, is an homage to significant turning points of the past, and an acknowledgment of our collective arrival at another historical turning point, as we navigate hope and uncertainty, in a post-COVID world. Each concert of our 38th Season is a reflection on turning points, exploring everything from music and film, to the societal influences that created the impetus for change.