La Vellonera

Thursday 7:00PM-8:00PM

La Vellonera, a translation for "The Jukebox" used in many Latin-American countries, brings listeners a diverse selection from varied Latin genres, countries, and artists. The program has one sole purpose, to bridge the gap between the Latino and local communities. We have so much in common, and our music is hard evidence!

Host of La Vellonera Diego Martin-Pérez, a native of Puerto Rico, grew up listening to the music his parents loved, 70s salsa and contemporary Latin styles. When he started his radio show in 2009, he discovered compilations in the KRVS library that exposed him to various styles of music from several different Central and South American countries. Diego views the production of each show as an opportunity to learn something new, to expand his knowledge of musical styles from Latin America and the Caribbean, and share them with his listeners.

La Vellonera, October 17

Oct 18, 2013

Survey of contemporary Latin music.

La Vellonera, October 10

Oct 11, 2013

Survey of contemporary Latin music.  

La Vellonera, October 3

Oct 4, 2013

Survey of contemporary Latin music.

La Vellonera, September 26

Oct 3, 2013


La Vellonera, September 19

Oct 3, 2013

Latin music for Acadiana.