Tiny Desk Contest

Feb 7, 2020

Hey there Lafayette artist!  

NPR's Tiny Desk Contest begins February 11 and we want to help you get a nice video with good quality audio!   We will be collecting submissions for consideration now until noon on March 7th.  After we've combed through all of our submissions, we will choose three bands to film here in our studios.  Submissions of demo videos (simply filmed with your smart phone) should be submitted to

The Rules

  • must be 18 years of age to enter
  • feature a desk (there must be a desk—any desk—in the Video);
  • contain a song that is the Entrant’s original work (covers will not be accepted);
  • be created specifically for the Contest (videos that were submitted to previous NPR Music Tiny Desk contests or to any other contest or competition will not be accepted);
  • be a maximum of ten (10) minutes in length;
  • be uploaded to YouTube in any format acceptable to YouTube; and
  • comply with YouTube terms of service and specifications for user submissions and/or video uploads, located at, or as may otherwise be posted on YouTube’s website.
  • Official Rules from NPR

Judging Period will end on the last day to turn in your submission; noon of March 7, 2020.  Videos will be judged by the following:

  • 40% – Musical Quality and Appeal
  • 40% – Originality
  • 20% – Stage Presence and Charisma

Filming will begin March 9 and end on March 13.  Once your video is filmed and audio production is finalized by our Chief Engineer, Karl Fontenot, you will be responsible for uploading your video to YouTube and submitting it to ("the Submission Form") before March 30.   Your video will then be judged by NPR and you may await their announcement.  For more info about the prize and judging


Aaron Lee Tasjan