Krvs Fall Membership Drive

Lafayette, LA – On-air hosts at KRVS, 88.7 FM, or online at, frequently announce "KRVS, listener supported, public radio for Acadiana," an area reaching over 651,000 persons. Twice a year, KRVS reaches out to the community to ask for financial pledges of support. And from October 15th thru the 24th of the month, our Annual Fall Fundraiser begins. Public radio is a partnership between the station, the producers and the community. The community's financial support is crucial to ensure the continuance of the station's mission.

General Manager David Spizale outlines the mission of the station as such, "Our mission is to work in partnership with local and regional arts and cultural organizations, as well as National Public Radio (NPR) and Public Radio International (PRI), to create a more informed public one challenged and invigorated by a deeper understanding and appreciation of essential events, ideas and cultures. To accomplish this end, we produce, acquire and distribute programming that meets the highest standards of public broadcasting. KRVS should be THE indispensible source of information, ideas and cultural experiences that enable the citizens of the region we serve to fulfill their potential as citizens in our communities, our nation and the world."

The station is certified by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB), and retains membership in both National Public Radio (NPR) and Public Radio International (PRI).

The goals outlined above do not come free. Membership in National Public Radio (NPR) and Public Radio International (PRI) cost. Additionally, utilities, purchasing other programs, such as American Routes, charge KRVS to air these popular programs.

The public is indispensible in public radio. Support for KRVS comes from listeners like you. We do not sell advertising, and remain commercial free. Thanks to your support. And your financial support recently afforded the station the opportunity to transmit from our new 1,200 foot transmitting tower located in Maxie, LA, last year, which restored the KRVS signal to residents of Lake Charles and other points west. The current coverage area provides producers and and support staff a greater chance to reach a larger audience, the increased number of communities we serve, and provide the excellence KRVS is widely known for to more households.

Annual membership levels are very affordable compared to the price of cable television, a yearly newspaper subscription or even a daily cup of coffee from a coffeehouse. Any amount is welcome. A dollar a month, a dollar a week, or a dollar a day are all amounts listeners are encouraged to contribute. And to contribute a giving level that is affordable for the individual. Premiums are offered as thank you gifts, and are valued in our community as a way for individual's to say they support public radio in Acadiana. They are viewed as collectibles in some instances.

But the true premium is the programming. A unique blend of award-winning news programs, nationally syndicated music programs, and most important, locally produced programs, which account for the largest percentage of KRVS's offerings. By focusing on indigenous Louisiana programming, KRVS provides an important local resource for the Cajun & Creole residents of South Louisiana. We live in an area that contains one of the most diverse and unique cultures to be found anywhere, and this commitment reaches and delights listeners around the world, as a glance at our website's Guest Book attests to.

KRVS also broadcasts local music events and festivals, such as Festivals Acadiens, Louisiana Crossroads and Festival International de Louisiane.

Pledges of support are very easy to give to. Call 337.482.KRVS (5787), or if you live outside the 337 area code, call 800.892.6827. And this year, it's easier and safer than ever to contribute via our website,, through our secure server. And during business hous during Fall Fundraiser, drop by our studios at Burke-Hawthorne Hall on Hebrard Blvd. in the heart of the campus of The University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

Please, drop by and meet the staff, support staff and producers who make KRVS the heart and soul of public radio. And pledge your financial support to ensure the continuity of our excellent programming. Thanks for your support.