The Dirty Rice Show: August 1, 2020

Aug 4, 2020

Dirty Rice is the longest running Louisiana Music show going today. Started by Todd Mouton back in 1991 or so it's now hosted on an alternating week basis by Lee Kleinpeter me. We're trying to bring you the best Louisiana music on your Saturday nights. The way i see it is that it's time to roll up the rug, sweep up the floor, turn up the radio loud and wear out the linoleum if you're housebound, drive a little faster if you're out on the streets or just plain have fun out there cooking in the kitchen....... On my week, I'm keeping things going with the best i can find from Louisiana artists, roots rock and roll from where ever and the occasional foray into Texas as lots of those Texas bands have graced us with their presence live in the dancehalls over the years.......and East Texas ain't nothin but an extension of Southwest Louisiana anyway....... You'll hear Baton Rouge Blues, Cajun from the best, the hottest Zydeco, New Orleans rock and roll and maybe a bit of jazz, some funky old soul, tunes you'd forgotten about, all your requests if we can find them and tunes out of the KRVS archives among others.