Apres Midi: September 18, 2019 - Steve Landry & David Allie; Kate Durio & Michelle Colon

Sep 18, 2019

Today's first interview is with Steve Landry and Dr. David Allie concerning CLI and Limbs Salvage's honoring of Ray Authement, who served as the University of Louisiana at Lafayette president for 34 years. He will receive a lifetime achievement award on Sept. 18 for his service to UL and Lafayette.

The Louisiana CLI (critical limb ischemia) and Limb Salvage Club, a group dedicated to educating medical professionals, is honoring Authement during one of its community service and education events.

Authement, 90, is being honored for his dedication to UL as the longest-serving public university president, said David Allie, the club’s founder and a friend of Authement.

The event to honor Authement will be Sept. 18 beginning at 5:30 p.m. in the Atchafalaya Grand Ballroom of UL's Student Union. People interested in attending can RSVP at!event/2019/9/18/september-dinner-meeting.


Our second interview is with Kate Durio and Michelle Colon concerning CREATE Lafayette, a vital collaborative initiative that strengthens and supports the cultural economy of Lafayette parish.

"The CREATE Strategic Plan for Arts, Culture and Recreation supports a vision for sustainable growth through improved access, awareness and participation to culture and recreation for residents and visitors by catalyzing creative assets to improve quality of life, drive our creative economy, and stimulate investment in our community. With a transparent, actionable strategic plan based on community input, CREATE will strengthen Lafayette's creative and cultural industries, continuously tracking performance indicators to inform ongoing investment and ensure the sustainability of the sector.

  • The blueprint for this mission is identified in five goals:
    • 1. Strengthening Lafayette's cultural identity;
    • 2. Catalyzing new and existing creative assets;
    • 3. Driving strategic investment in new cultural infrastructure and revitalization efforts through matches and measurable outcomes; and
    • 4. Attracting more regional, national, and international workers, visitors, and businesses to Lafayette."


For more information, please follow this link to the CREATE Lafayette website.