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Medicine Ball Caravan: In-Studio Performances

In-studio performances excerpted from KRVS' two hour program Medicine Ball Caravan.

Latest Episodes
  • The Ponce Puerto Rican native, Malentina, serenades The Caravan with an intimate performance with her accompanist Josh LeBlanc.
  • Pablo Pellerin takes his first ride on The Caravan to give a taste if his talent.
  • The Caravan welcomes back Tommy McClain and CC Adcock as they perform live for the KRVS Fall Membership Drive.
  • Lafayette group The Debtors stopped by to perform live for us and our audience Thursday, June 2, 2022 to promote their new single.
  • Zachary Richard takes a ride on The Caravan to showcase his new album, Danser le Ciel.
  • The Rayo Brothers Duo hops on The Caravan for a farewell - for now - performance. The band is going on a hiatus as lead singer Daniel Reaux moves to Washington with his wife.
  • Bruisey Petes stops by The Caravan and showcases his flavorful outfits and new music, he has an album and sampler with Y'allstar Records.
  • The Caravan picks up Dirk Powell and Rainey Eyes as they give a taste of their music.
  • The group Lakou Mizik brings the Haitian racine (roots) movement to the Caravan and Festival International de Louisiane this weekend.
  • The Caravan welcomes Delgres, a trio from France with a Creole French-Guadeloupean sound, who are performing at Festival International de Louisiane.