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Japan Jukebox

Exploration of the new, old and experimental music of the Island nation, and how they rock the world from dusk to the rising sun.

Every Monday night at 11 PM listeners journey across the Pacific to Japan with producers Danny Hiltz and Cody Winters. Danny and Cody have been producing Japan Jukebox for three years now and were introduced to Japanese music through video games such as Final Fantasy, Mega Man and Legend of Zelda. Intrigued by the unique compositions, they started digging deeper into Japanese music and culture, benefiting greatly from their access to the internet! In the mid 2000s Danny started producing a Japanese show on Shoutcast and after Rock Japan ended on KRVS he proposed a show, bringing in Cody to help. "My interest with Japanese music and culture grew from my interest in video games. I had been a big gamer from an early age, and most of the games I played came from Japan. I was introduced to some pretty cool bands by playing games like Incredible Crisis and Jet Grind Radio. When I first got internet access in the late 90s, I could really explore Japanese music more thoroughly, and became a big fan of artists like the pillows, BUMP OF CHICKEN, and Tamio Okuda." - Danny Hiltz "My favorite thing about the show is the gratification I feel when we get feedback and compliments from people we've never met who enjoy listening to the music we present. It can be a little daunting to showcase foreign music or culture, but fortunately this is a very multi-cultured and open station and platform that helps break down barriers. We always hoped of putting together a show like this, and having been given the chance to do it on our favorite radio station alongside our favorite shows and host is a dream come true." - Cody Winters

Visit Cody and Danny's Facebook for more info.