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Guy Raz

  • As part of NPR's series One-Hit Wonders/Second-Best Songs, Guy Raz recommends "Ascension Day" by Talk Talk. The group is mostly known for its 1984 hit, "It's My Life."
  • For decades, coal represented half of the nation's electricity generation, but it dropped to only 34 percent in March. Technological breakthroughs in fracking have led to a gas boom that's caused prices to plummet, and now hundreds of coal miners are being laid off as the nation shifts away from the oldest and most plentiful source of electricity in the U.S.
  • If public perceptions and pundits are to be believed, black churches are overwhelmingly against same-sex marriage. Except, it's not true.
  • Mass disqualifications have thrown Egypt's upcoming elections into turmoil. In a surprise move, Egypt's election commission barred 10 of the 23 registered presidential candidates from next month's election.
  • A string of attacks across Afghanistan Sunday mark the beginning of the spring fighting season. In at least six separate attacks across four provinces, the insurgents hit Afghan and Western targets, and Afghan government buildings with a combination of rockets and suicide bombers.
  • A line of strong storms moved through the Dallas-Fort Worth area Tuesday with a number of tornadoes touching down. Homes and businesses were damaged across the region but there were no fatalities. As a massive storm approached Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, staff told travelers to seek shelter close to the center of the terminal buildings.