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Medicine Ball Caravan, May 3rd


Eclectic music programming with news and interviews on local arts and events, CD and concert ticket giveaways and live in-studio performances. BROADcasting is the operative word here. You can hear just about any form of music on the program ranging from Old-Timey and Bluegrass to classic and contemporary songwriters, Pop, Blues, Soul, Rock, Jazz, Poetry and the Avant Garde. The MEDICINE BALL CARAVAN's aim is to present a wide variety of musical idioms delivered in a somewhat structured stream of consciousness interspersed with news, community and campus art events, interviews and occasional live in-studio performances from local and touring musicians and artists. Cecil has been Music Director at KRVS since 1997 and serves as producer/host of several programs here (including EARTHBEAT, JAH MON, SOUNDS UNUSUAL and AFTERNOON CLASSICS). Requests and inquiries can be made at