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Bayou to Beltway: December 1, 2021

Representative John Stefanski on Bayou to Beltway today at 12:30 (Wed, Oct 27)

Bayou to Beltway welcomes Rep. John Stefanski, who chairs the House Governmental Affairs Committee. Rep. Stefanski is leading the Redistricting effort in the House. Redistricting affects nearly every election in Louisiana including Congress, Public Service Commission, BESE Board, Senators (state), Representatives, Judges including Supreme Court (everything excluding Governor and US Senators). Our discussion focused on both the mechanics and the politics of districting. Will Louisiana take this opportunity to expand majority minority seats, or will the Shelby County v. Holder decision by the US Supreme Court allow the state a freer hand in drawing districts without considering the impact on race?

Join Bayou to Beltway today at 12:30 pm (KRVS 88.7) to learn about redistricting from the person in charge of the process in the House of Representatives, Rep. John Stefanski.