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The Broadcasting sequence of the Communication Department in cooperation with KRVS-FM is seeking listener opinions as part of its research service project for the community. The Ragin' Cajun Radio Project (RCRP) has been gathering data through focus group interviews and has prepared a survey questionnaire to compose a data snapshot of the NPR station's audience and membership.
Data manager Dr. William R. Davie says the idea for the RCRP actually came from students in the Principles of Electronic Media class, some of whom were unaware of the station's existence or its mission, and wanted to know more about what KRVS-FM had available for them. "While we have done client-consultant projects before," Professor Davie said, "this is the first data analysis we have conducted on behalf of KRVS-FM to gain feedback on its programming and platforms." What Davie's class hopes to collect is a data sample of visitors to the website who are willing to fill out a short survey questionnaire and make their feelings known. "The more listeners we find who are willing to share their opinions about what they love about KRVS-FM, and what they want to see more (or less of) in the future the better our class report will be for guiding the future decision-making for KRVS-FM," he said. The Broadcasting professor expects the survey questionnaire to be made available to all listeners for the first week of November.