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Out to Lunch: September 29, 2021

I work from home most of the time. And my desk is a pile of post-it notes, coffee mugs, knick knacks and unopened mail. I look to my left and my wife’s desk has the tranquility of a Buddhist temple. No wonder she gets more done.

Getting organized is a kind of therapy. It also makes satisfying TV. Marie Kondo made the trade famous by teaching people to spark joy in their lives with precise and meditative organizing. But she was really the tip of a long spear. Home and commercial organization has been a profession for some time. There’s real value in having someone experienced in making spaces work do it for you. Organizing doesn’t spark joy for everyone. But being organized does.

Renee Ory of Amazing Spaces here in Lafayette has made a career of it since the early 2000s. Renee began her professional career in design, but switched to organizing when she saw how many clients she worked with needed it. Amazing Spaces works with both residential and commercial clients, organizing home offices and streamlining warehouses for efficiency. They also provide move out and move in services, helping customers pack up and unpack with peace of mind.

Renee has a personal passion for organizing pantries and has a penchant for arranging space in older homes. Deep shelves are nothing a 20 foot lazy susan can’t fix.

Cleansing inside you is just as important for your mental health as cleaning around you. We’ve traded wholesome nutrition in our diets for cost and convenience. According to one estimate, around 90% of Americans have traces of pesticides in their bodies from eating conventional produce. Spinach is apparently the worst offender.

Besides the long-term health effects, big meals can make you feel pretty lousy after lunch. Clean eating can clear the way to a clean mind, and that’s what Beverly Boatner offers at Clean Juice Lafayette, the first local franchise location of the national organic juice chain. Clean Juice offers made-to-order organic juices, smoothies, wraps salads and grain bowls. It’s the only all-organic juice bar in the city and they also offer juice cleanses: which are like home organizers for your body.

Beverly operates Clean Juice with her daughter and both of them are teachers. They use that background to help customers understand what to eat for their health and why.