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Bayou to Beltway: September 1, 2021

Dr. John Sutherlin on Bayou to Beltway today at 12:30.

Dr. John Sutherlin and I will be discussing his new book Playing with Fire: The Strange Case of Marine Shale Processors. In it, Dr. Sutherlin focuses on Marine Shale Processors (MSP), which for a time operated the world's largest hazardous waste incinerator in Louisiana in Amelia. As questions about the safety of their operation and citizens began to experience higher incidences of debilitating illnesses including cancer, the entire enterprise came under investigation. Dr. Sutherlin describes how a motivated group of women came together to organize and succeeded in raising enough questions that MSP had to shut down.

Listen to this gripping show focusing on environmental disaster and citizen activism with Dr. John Sutherlin, Wednesday September 1, at 12:30 on KRVS 88.7 fm