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Bayou to Beltway: February 19, 2020


This week Bayou to Beltway talks with Conni Castille of the Moving Image Arts Department and Dr. Phyllis Griffard of the UL Biology Department about Acadian Usher Syndrome. Wednesday at 12:30 and Saturday at 5:30 on KRVS 88.7 fm.

Bayou to Beltway welcomes Conni Castille and Phyllis Griffard to talk about Acadian Usher Syndrome. Usher syndrome is a genetic medical condition in which children are born deaf and then gradually lose their eyesight. This syndrome is pronounced in the Acadiana area where it exists as a recessive allelle (a version of a gene that when matched with another similar allelle produces the condition). We discuss both the syndrome as if affects persons in Southwest Louisiana and a new move that Conni Castille is creating that tracks two persons with Usher Syndrome and shows how they navigate their world in creative ways.

Listen in this Wednesday at 12:30 and Saturday at 5:30 to hear this informative conversation with Conni Castille and Phyllis Griffard about Acadian Usher Syndrome On Bayou to Beltway 88.7 fm.