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Local Produce Live: Brass Mimosa "Sloppy Joe"

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KRVS Local Produce Live at Cypress Lake Studios featuring Brass Mimosa "Sloppy Joe" 

written by Alex Camel & Jack Langlinais and performed by Alex Camel, bass; Blake Pujol, guitar; Ethan Mould, alto sax; Eddie Müller, trombone; Olatunde Soyombo, baritone sax; Jack Langlinais, drums.

Producers, Johanna Divine, Sara Crochet; Director, Virgile Beddok; Editing & color correction, Quinn Acosta & Will Artall; 1st AD/ D.I.T Margo Kieff; Cinematography, Cameron Haddad; Camera Operators, Alexis Gajan, Hannah McGee; Gaffer, Robert Lenahan. Special thanks to KRVS staff & crew.Sponsored by Lafayette Farmers and Artisans Market at Moncus Park © 2018 KRVS Public Media.