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KRVS in Low Power Mode...Again

Tuesday 2/11/2014 

In low power again as about 8pm. Still as of now we have ice build up on the antenna. So we'll be at low power until Thursday mid day...I presume.

Tuesday 1/28/2014

I've just reduced the power on the transmitter to "low power status" as ice begins to build up on our antenna. By tomorrow we should be back to full power.

Saturday 1/25/2014

I just got the transmitter back up to full power at 7:30pm CDT 1-25-2014. We should be loud and clear now. More cold weather and ice expect mid week. Lets hope it will not be as bad as what we just had.

Friday  1/24/2014

We are operating at low power right now due to icing on our antenna at a height of 1200 ft. I expect to maintain low power operation until Saturday mid day. Please be patient with us as we endure a rare weather condition for South Louisiana.