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Basketflowers for Spring Membership Drive

BLANKETFLOWER (Gaillardia pulchella), also known as Firewheel or Indian Blanket, is a low-growing wildflower native to most of the Eastern United States. It thrives in the sun and tolerates diverse soil conditions. Its flowers have red centers and a yellow edge in a wheel shape, giving rise to its common names. It flowers and seeds most of the year, with most blooms in summer months. Many native bees use the blanketflower for nectar, and songbirds eat their seeds. Specialized leafcutter bees cut circles in their leaves to line their nests.

Support biodiversity and preserve our cultural roots by planting native species while contributing to KRVS during our Spring Membership Drive! Don't miss the chance from March 15-22!

Local pick-up only, on campus at UL Lafayette.
Artwork by, Cayla Zeek