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New Blues Box Shirt

Megan Constantin, Marketing Director at KRVS, and Elizabeth McNabb, a family friend of Carol and Clarence, share a few words about the new launch.

“We haven’t had a new Blues Box shirt in a few years so I wanted to make this year‘s shirt extra special by featuring a local musician. As I ran through the long list of wonderful musicians, I considered the fact that we haven’t had many women portrayed on Blues Box shirts.

I finally landed on the legendary Carol Fran. When speaking to Karl Fontenot, chief engineer, suggested that we feature Carol and Clarence. “We’ve never had a duo on a shirt,” he added.

I reached out to the family to ask for permission and they were ecstatic! After hearing about the love Carol and Clarence shared, I couldn’t think of a more perfect day to release the shirt other than Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day to you all and long live beautiful collaborations in love and music.”

- Megan Constantin

"Clarence was the one true love of her life, as well as her best and favorite musical partner. She shared so so many beautiful stories of their time together."
- Elizabeth McNabb

This inspiring duo truly showcases the love we all aspire to have this Valentine's season. Carol and Clarence left their mark in our hearts, in Acadiana, and in Blues music.

The shirt is available now on our donate page.