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20 Years of Harpestry with Valerie Green

“The reason I started Harpestry 20 years ago was through my love of the music of the harp. The instrument is rather misunderstood in the public eye. People think if it as an “angelic” instrument but the repertoire of the pedal harp is very dynamic with composers and musicians alike taking the music of this instrument to heights of virtuosity.

I wanted to shine a spotlight on and make people aware of the depth of both the musicianship of the instrument and those who compose for it. Not only the pedal harp but harps from all over the world.

If it’s an instrument with a soundbox and strings that are plucked or struck, I consider it a harp family relative and have included music from it on “Harpestry”. Instruments such as the Celtic Harp (Ireland/Scotland)/Brittany, kantele (Finland), gu zheng and kong hou (China), santur (Middle East and India), and the plethora of stringed instruments of Africa such as the kora, kamalngoni, bolon, nyatiti, etc. The list is endless!

I’m always inspired by new music being released and finding new artists whose music I can feature.”

-Valerie Green, Host of Harpestry